to innovate or not to inovate, that is the question

The “Cost of Doing Nothing”: why you can’t just ignore innovation

Innovation is not something that can be ignored, as we live in a world that evolves continuously.

Paper may still be one of the best media for long-term information preservation

Papyri, CDs, and Holograms: why we generate so much information only to loose it

The problem of preserving digital information is not often adequately addressed, whether we want to review vacation photos ten years from now or avoid surprises when we need to use the contents of a backup saved on a physical medium.

Innovation may be a necessary evil

Innovation: a necessary evil.

Innovation is often discussed and praised. But innovation means change, and change is something that makes people feel uncomfortable.

remarketing is widely used, but it is often perceived as anoying by the users

Remarketing: waste of money or essential strategy?

This article explores the pitfalls of remarketing in marketing campaigns. While effective when done right, it can be a waste of money if not targeted properly.